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Cement Industry

...Durability and Reliability in Harsh Conditions

The cement industry is a huge challenge for companies in instrumentation and in particular for Delta Sensor a commitment, by the necessary technical requirements for the proper performance of the measurement instruments. The process conditions involving dusty atmospheres, high temperatures and points of abrasion, strongly influenced the performance of the instruments. Delta Sensor manufactures and supplies a range of equipment designed for this type of industry, meeting all requirements, often exceeding the expected.

Level Measurement
Delta Sensor selected and gave commissioning support in a set of six radars Endress + Hauser's Micropilot FMR250 M, manufacturer for continuous level measurement, in silos of floor, clinker and cement with 20m around. Given the difficult process conditions, were initially conducted with a series of tests with a trial unit, having been rebuilt at the time, the extreme operating conditions.
  The Micropilot M FMR250 always responded with reliable measurement in the harsh atmospheres conditions and products of low dielectric constant, especially in extremely dusty silage, and at higher clinker temperatures which can reach 200ºC.
  This is indeed an instrument of high reliability, with technical features that include the targeting of the antenna, the entry of bleed air to the antenna, a powerful microwave generator and a simple and intuitive interface for configuration and visualization of the measured values and envelope curve.
In order to preserve the maximum condition of the display face to environmental conditions, we recommend applying a protective cover, as shown in the picture.

Temperature Measurement  
Delta Sensor provides regularly thermocouples type K from the Extemp series model TTH 20E, for monitoring the temperature in the cement manufacturing process: Raw grinding, pre-heating the oven and cement grinds.  
Even at temperatures of 1150 º C and under extreme conditions of abrasion, the Extemp TTH 20E remains in operation with stability and reliability for a longer time, compared to similar solutions found by other manufacturers.  
As reasons for success, the fact that the integrity of materials used and best manufacturing practices, with full traceability.  
The calibration protocol that accompanies all of Extemp TTH 20E is a guarantee of proper operation and a key element of control to the user departments of metrology; no additional costs.  

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