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…Industrial Instrumentation

A wide range of industrial measuring instruments, with particular emphasis on measurement, control and acquisition of temperature. Level and absolute humidity are other parameters covered by the range of supply

  • Temperature Measurement by Contact
  • Temperature Measurement by Infra-Red
  • Level Detection
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Indication, Control and Registration
  • Data Loggers
  • Exproof Electrical Equipment
  • Heat Tracing
  • Special Cables
  • Radios

All these equipments are provided with a set of specifications that enables them to adapt to the more aseptic stringent criteria for pharmaceutical, food and beverages industries; the harshness in applications in the cement industry and steel processing; technological advances in the manufacture of solar panels; quality control in the ceramics industry of reference, as well as the protection of circuits and electrical equipment in chemical and petrochemical industry.

For safety, convenience and simplicity in selecting the Delta Sensor equipments, they were grouped according to the principle of operation and application in various industrial branches.

Temperature Contact   Temperature Infrared
Delta Sensor offers for contact temperature measurement, a wide range of series and models, whose assemblies are based on the use of RTD sensors and thermocouple.   The non-contact temperature measurement using the reflection of radiation principle in the infrared spectrum. Has the advantages for the measure by contact:
  • Temperature measurement in liquids, gases and solids
  • Extended operating range: from -200ºC...+1650ºC
  • Installation flexibility by custom product configuration
  • Low cost with maximum reliability at startup
  • Temperature measurement on moving objects, dangerous environment or overheated
  • Very fast response
  • Measurement without contact with the medium, without inter-relationship and without interfering with the measuring object
  • Nondestructive Measurement
  • High durability by mechanical integrity
According to the application and branches, the temperature probes are segmented in the Series: According to the type of use, infrared thermometers are segmented in the series:
  • PROtemp
  • EXtemp
  • HIGItemp
  • QUIMItemp
  • AMBItemp
  • Portable Series
  • Thermal Imagers Series
  • Compact Series
  • High performance Series
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Level   Data Loggers
Delta Sensor provides magnetic level detectors by of float acting on a reed-switch sensor. PROflu Series models features the following advantages: Data loggers are used in a wide variety of applications from simple monitoring of temperature in an office environment to monitoring the temperature of perishable products in transit or optimising the production process of food, pharmaceutical or engineering products. The same data logger can be used in a variety of applications, if you want to make a record of:
  • Wide range assemblies and customized configuration
  • Wide range of materials in contact with the medium
  • Low cost solution
  • Temperature
  • Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Process Signals
  • Weather Stations
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Exproof Electrical Equipment   Heat Tracing
Appleton ATX products help create piece of mind in the workplace – whether it’s a refinery, power plant, pulp and paper mills, or any industrial activity. Choose from a vast breadth of flameproof and intrinsically safe products that meet the stringent requirements for Zones 1-2 and 21-22.   Nelson Heat Trace offers the industry’s broadest line of heat trace cables, controls, monitors and accessories. From process temperature maintenance to freeze protection, hot water supply, tank and vessel heating, frost heave prevention and more, Nelson Heat Trace offers a right fit solution for any heating requirement.
  • Lighting
  • Plugs and Sockets
  • Junction Boxes and Enclosures
  • Control Stations and Switches
  • Panelboards and Motor Starters
  • Cable glands and plugs
  • Heating Cables
  • Thermostats
  • Kits and accessories
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Special Cables   Radios
Axon special cables are an assurance of reliability in electrical power supply and signal transmission in the demanding process conditions in the industries of steel, cement and energy production.   Established in 1995, Entel is a fully independent company operating its own design and manufacturing divisions, with distribution to a global market. Ranked among the leading industry brands, Entel brings exacting standards of innovation, quality and excellence to its professional radio communications equipment, so that users can communicate with confidence across land–based and marine applications.
  • High Temperatures
  • Mechanical and Chemical Robustness
  • High Insulation Voltages
  • Diversity of Configurations
  • Land-based Communications
  • Intrinsically Safe
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