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Wires, Cables and Sheaths

...for High Temperatures

AXON’ CABLE S.A.S is a provider of custom designed interconnect solutions including wires, round or flat cables, composite cables, coaxial cables, assemblies and connectors for any application.
AXOTHERM® cables, wires and sheaths are specially designed to resist high temperatures ranging from –196°C to +1565°C.
AXOTHERM® is made with high performance insulating materials able to resist high temperatures such as:
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyolefine
  • Silicone rubber
  • High temperature fluorine resins
  • Coated fibre glass braids
AXOTHERM® is ideal for the most demanding applications in electrical appliances, lighting, heating, automotive, steel industries, among others.

AXOTHERM® Product Line
AXOTHERM® range of wires, cables and sheaths is designed to resist high temperatures from -60°C to +600°C. VIBRAFLAME® is a range of cables designed to resist extreme temperatures ranging from -196°C to +1565°C, including extension and compensating cables for thermocouples made with VIBRAFLAME® insulation, able to resist temperatures of up to 1050°C. They are all able to meet demanding mechanical and thermal requirements in main industry and metallurgical applications.
  • Conductor: bare or tin plated copper, nickel plated copper or pure nickel and thermocouple conductors
  • Insulating materials: polyurethane, polyolefine, silicone rubber, fibre glass, polyester, fluorine or VIBRAFLAME® special insulation
  • Shielding braid or armour on request
  • Good resistance to heat shock and severe environments (UV, ozone, oxygen)
  • VIBRAFLAME® offers also fire resistance, no propagation of flame at any temperature, excellent heat and humidity resistance
  • Cables with cross sections up to 300mm2
  • Insulation sheaths with temperature resistance from -60ºc up to 300ºC and diameter from 0.5mm up to 16mm
Typical Applications
  • Lighting and heating systems
  • Compensating and extension cables for thermocouples
  • Electric and Blast furnaces
  • Power and control cables in steel works and glassware machinery
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