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Level Detection

...for High and Low Process Safety

The level detection by reed-switch and float with magnetic element is widely deployed in industry and accepted as a reliable alternative to other methods of level detection, with higher price or more difficult to install and start up.

The PROflu Series bring this method of detecting an improvement of their reliability in operation by the judicious choice of components installed in this probes. Each model presents a significant set of customizable options, since the availability of contacts, head connections or cable transmission, to special options to output signal also in temperature.

The Delta Sensor's PROflu series of level detectors, is presented in three significant lines:
  • Process
  • Hygienic
  • Petrochemical/Chemical

Level Detection - PROflu Series
PROflu models allow the detection of liquid level, whether conductive or not, with densities exceeding 0.55 g / l. The same instrument can be taken to detect multiple points of detection, mounted vertically.
  Technical Features
  • Multiple points of detection with the use of site selection of NO or NC contacts
  • Independent of fluid conductivity
  • Floaters in SS316, PP and NBR for selection in accordance with the medium
  • Wide variety of process connections from fixed and removable fittings for DIN and ANSI flanges and sanitary clamp or DIN11851
  • Configurations for additional interface detecting or temperature measurement as a second application on the same instrument
Typical Applications
  • Level control in tanks of water
  • Detecting water in fuel tanks
  • Level detection in tanks containing solvents
  • Level control in tanks buffer the production of biodiesel
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