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Based on different pressure sensing technology, there are piezoresistive pressure sensors, piezo-electric pressure sensors and capacitive pressure sensors etc. Delta Sensor supplies piezoresistive pressure sensors mainly. Transmitter features includes sensor and circuit compensation in all ranges, negligible thermal influence, shock, vibration and interference resistance, protection of short circuit and reversed polarity to ensure the product is stable and reliable. We can also provide optional output signals and pressure ports for different complex applications, to satisfy customer’s requirements with the product good adaptability.

Featuring integrated design, great compatibility, small size, high accuracy, light weight and wide pressure range, our pressure transmitters can be applied in many fields which involve good accuracy required measurement of fluids.

Series T-Pascal P - Process
The T-Pascal P series of transmitters are intelligent pressure transmitters with good precision and stability. Manufactured with piezoresistive sensor, digital temperature compensation, non-linearity correction technique, the entire product has compact size, light weight and wider pressure ranges for precise measurement and control of flow pressure. Standard construction totally in stainless steel 316L and configurable measurement ranges and overpressure limits up to 6X.
  Technical Features
  • Membrane and body in AISI 316L, options in tantalum and titanium
  • Relative or absolute pressure measurement ranges
  • Extensive set of process conection options
  • Flushmount membrane for high viscosity liquids
  • Local indication by plugin LED display
  • Membrane welded or sealed to suit high corrosion fluids
  • OEM Versions
Typical Applications
  • Pumping and compressor monitoring
  • Level control
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment
  • Preventing filter fouling
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