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Infrared Cameras

...The New Optris PI Process Imagers - New Standards in Online Infrared Thermography

Automatic Hot Spot Detection Fast Measurements
Objects can be examinated thermally and hot or cold positions (hot or cold spots) can be found automatically   Temperature distributions at surfaces can be captured precisely within a millisecond interval
* Measurement field of the thermal imager optris PI as an example with the standard lens 23° x 17°   * A milk drop falls into a coffee cup
Portable and Stationary Easy Process Integration
The cameras fill the existing gap between portable infrared snap shot cameras and pure stationary devices. Possible applications:
Process Automation
Test Stations
Research & Development
  USB cable extension up to 100 m (over Ethernet) or 10 km (over fibre)
Process interface (PIF) at the camera as analog input / output (0 to 10 V) and digital input (low and high-level)
Software interface via Dynamic-link Library (DLL), Computer-Port (ComPort) and LabVIEW
Optris currently offers many models of their cameras PI and Xi, as well the updated software PIX Connect. Select below the product you want to see most important features in detail.

optris Xi 80
The newly developed optris Xi 80 combines the benefits of infrared cameras and infrared thermometers. A full 80x80 thermal image eliminates the hunt for the hot spot and tedious positioning required with single spot temperature sensors. The integrated spot finder function will identify the hottest (or coldest) spot in the image and automatically communicate these measurements without an external PC. A wide range of optics including the new 80º lens equips the Xi 80 to collect and analyze temperature information over a wide target area.  The affordable pricing for this unit makes it a realistic alternative to replace existing spot temperature sensors or for OEM applications.
Temperature ranges: -20ºC...100ºC; 0ºC...250ºC; (20) 150ºC...900ºC
Optical resolution: 80 x 80 pixels
Spectral range: 7.5 - 13 µm
Optics: 12º (f = 12.7); 30º (f = 5.1); 55º (f = 3.1); 80º (f = 2.3)
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Areas of Application for the Compact Spot Finder Xi 80

The Xi 80 is a fusion between a robust, compact pyrometer and an advanced IR camera. The autonomous operation with automatic spot finder function as well as the direct analog output and the affordable price make up a perfect match for the OEM use of the rugged industrial imager.

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