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Local Support

Marketing and Local Technical Support for Delta Sensor Products

Formast, Lda

Formast, Lda. is active in the electrical / electronic technology area, automation, systems and instrumentation, presenting in the market as a technical "systems integrator" by providing not only equipment but essentially solutions tailored to customer needs, offering customers a complete service in the marketing areas, provision of technical assistance in all steps sale. Their staff collects recognized merit from their major suppliers, with which from the beginning have established strategic partnership agreements, able to differentiate in an increasingly demanding and competitive market.
Activity Area: Peninsula of Setúbal and Sines (Portugal)

Temanu, Lda

Temanu was founded in 2001 with the aim of intervening in all the industrial area and perform maintenance service in general. Developed partnerships and created a flexible structure that allowed it to adjust to current market needs. Recently embraced alternative energy and LED's illumination, and already has a substantial acceptance by customers of such technologies. Over 9 years consolidated its business area in the distribution of various internationally renowned brands in the industrial field. With its own modern facilities, which include a "Show Room", Temanu continues to consolidate the bonds of trust that binds to its customers.
Activity Area: Peninsula of Setúbal (Portugal)

FX Automation, Lda

In today's highly competitive market, the demand for Technologically Advanced Solutions that enable higher Quality and Profitability has become key factor… FXautomation: Products and Complete Automation Solutions for your needs. >> Contact this Partner
Activity Area: Lisbon

Flexbor, Lda

Founded in April 1988, Flexbor remains a young and dynamic company, with customer-oriented objectives. His team, always expanding, demonstrates skills above average and just stands by his skill, versatility and energy. The underlying purposes is to provide satisfaction to its customers, so providing high quality services and expertise not only at component level, but also in the field of integrated solutions in the industrial automation areas, pneumatics and hydraulics, mechanical transmissions and pumps and engines.
Activity Area: Central / West (Portugal)


SkyScan arises from the necessity of realization of thermography inspections in Photovoltaic Parks whose service is currently mainly held by portable cameras, which for large areas require naturally high features with a modest degree of accuracy. Using DRONES, SkyScan is fundamentally oriented not only on conducting aerial thermography, as well as a wide range of services. >> Contact this Partner
Activity Area: Global

LoopControl, Lda

LoopControl is a company that specializes in selling equipment and systems for Industrial Automation and services for the Industry covering the Electricity and Instrumentation areas. The company maintains a policy of recruiting skilled technicians, with the aim of having a team capable of responding to a very demanding and constantly evolving market.
Activity Area: Porto

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