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The T-Pascal P series process pressure transmitters

The T-Pascal P series of transmitters are intelligent pressure transmitters with good precision and stability. The model PPC10 has an excellent total accuracy of 0.25 %. Manufactured with piezoresistive measuring cell, digital temperature compensation, non-linearity correction technique, the entire product has compact size, light weight and wider pressure ranges for precise measurement and control of flow pressure. Standard construction totally in stainless steel 316L, configurable measurement ranges and overpressure limits up to 7.5X.
Depending on required ingress protection, can be electrically connected through a M12 plug IP67, or IP65 with connector complying with EN 175301-803-A. The output is factory scaled and calibrated in users required current or voltage range.

Multivariable datalogger with GSM functionality

tempmate.®-GS is the latest real-time monitoring solution on the market, celebrating its world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA. Featuring innovative sensor, communication technology and real-time alerts. It’s the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective GSM disposable temperature and humidity data logger. Combined with the convenient tempmate.®-Cloud solution, data can be easily checked, managed and analyzed online. The global connectivity via the GSM network provides permanent monitoring of the entire supply chain. By making it possible to react when a problem occurs during transport or even before, using the new tempmate.®-GS saves time and money. In combination with the tempmate.®-Cloud, it provides a variety of unique features, offering continuous information about the current status of a shipment or equipment.

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