Privacy Policy

Delta Sensor Lda realizes the privacy of individuals and organizations and we will withhold only information which understands we can retain. The purpose of the request of information is mainly for our better understanding of the markets, ours and potential customers, so we can evolve to better suit your requirements.

If you registered on our website and no longer wish to subscribe to it, please send us an email to and will be removed. To make the process more expeditious put in title 'UNSUBSCRIBE'. We only ask that you give us a reasonable time for us to act. If you made the request and still receive continuous information about the company, please contact us directly, to make an effort to prompt resolution of the problem. You can change your data whenever you want in your reserved area within the 'Customer Portal'.

Delta Sensor Lda uses only the information provided in the restricted use of its interest in Delta Sensor, its products and services. Delta Sensor Lda will never pass, sell, transfer, or make any commercial transaction with third parties, involving the data entrusted to us.

If you have questions about the use of your data, how they are stored and protected in the company database, please contact us by email or phone. The data for contact with Delta Sensor are on page 'Contacts' to be accessed from the main page in the top menu.


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